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The Radio Astronomy Software Defined Receiver (RASDR) is an Open Hardware project
undertaken by members of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers(SARA) to develop a low
cost, high performance software defined receiver for use by SARA members.
Electrical Specifications
USB3 or USB2 with data rate of
160MB/s or 35MB/s respectively
SMA receive input, 50ohm,
300MHz-3.8GHz, 23dBm
SMA reference clock input,
50ohm, 10MHz
SMA transmit output, CW only,
50ohm, 300MHz-3.8GHz, 6dBm
Two channel simultaneous receive at 1.5MHz-28MHz bandwidth (adjustable)
Field Programmable RF Transceiver tuning between 400MHz and 3.8GHz
12 bit I/Q sampling at 30.72MHz
Maximum data transfer rate of 160MB/sec (using USB3)
External reference clock input, enabling synchronous operation with test equipment and
facility timing signals
External general purpose I/O on a terminal block
Pulse-Per-Second is available via a GPS module add-in card.
Maximum receiver gain 61dB
Open Hardware, Open Source Software
Kit Contents
RASDR3 PCB (fully populated)
MyradRF PCB (fully populated)
USB3 Cable
Driver/Software/Documentation CD
Extruded Aluminum Case
Quick Start/Assembly Guide
Mounting Hardware (screws, standoffs)
Initial Modules supported by the firmware (available
separately) include:
GPS module (right) providing 1PPS and location/time
Analog output module (above, right) providing two
channel output at 192KHz sampling rate
GPIO connector module (above, left)
RASDR3 is the *only* software defined
radio that supports add-in expansion
cards. The specification follows the
Raspberry PI HAT specification that
allows any HAT module to be used with
the RASDR3 base platform.
RF Transceiver Diagram
RF Front End Circuit
RASDR3 Base System Contents